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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon

How many times have you thought about joining the gym and then went for the "err not for me" response because you were scared that people in there were going to judge you? The idea for this post came last week when I was chatting to a good friend of mine who struggles with losing weight as much as she struggles with the fear of judgment for actually trying to do something about it. 

Now, who hasn't been there?, I wonder. We have all struggled with our appearance at some point in our lives and I think it's fair for me to at least use my blog as a tool to share how I ended up overcoming my struggles in hope that I will help at least one person. Here you go, 6 things I tell myself every time I have a low moment and I just want to hide instead of being confident and working out whenever, wherever I want. 

1 - You're not the only one. 
For me, the gym was a place full of extremely fit people who knew exactly what they were doing at all times. In my head I was the only flabby person walking through the door who still had to read the instructions on how to turn on a piece of a machinery or use the equipment correctly. Was that the case? Hell no. There were people from all backgrounds, all body types and all sorts of fitness levels. Everyone working on something specific and no one particularly giving a damn about you being there or not. 

2 - Go with a friend or Do a group class.
If you're paranoid you'll look ridiculous doing stuff on your own then grab a friend or even better, attend a group class. That way you'll see a good 10 other women or more struggling as much as you do, if not worse, and you'll feel right being there. 

3 - Choose the time of the day. 
This was probably the best discovery for me. If you can, go in the middle of the day or at weird times. Avoid full-pack hour when everyone decides to go - for example post-dinner or before work. Personally, I found my gym being completely empty around 3pm during the week. 

4 - Get the cool gear.
I cannot stress this enough but getting the good gear will not only boost your confidence but also motivate you to do more. If you want to feel like a VS model and rock a good bra with leggings then don't be afraid. There are many ways you can do that without being afraid of showing some tummy. I found the TLC Tummy Control with figure firming high waist legging and it was hands down the best thing I could have asked for in my fitness routine. They just suck you right in and you feel amazing. You can double them down if you're brave and show off some belly or just wear them all the way up and still look damn amazing. Wether you run, jump, stretch or do whatever, you won't feel any jiggling or shaking of excess fat. This gem pulls in your waist, flattens your tummy, firms, smoothes and slims hips & thighs. Oh, it also lifts and shapes your bottom and no matter how many times you wash it, it never loses shape or colour. It's the bomb because the price is reasonable and the quality is outstanding. 

5 - Focus on your goal. 
Why are you going to the gym? You're paying money to do something for yourself, to gain some confidence, to be a better person. Why let some total strangers stop you? The only person actually stopping you from achieving your dream is you. I live by that saying and it helps me so much. At the end of the day, no one gives a rat's ass about you whilst they're working out. The whole "men staring at you" or "girls making fun of you" is just a movie cliche thing that happens very rarely. I talked to so many people about this legend and nobody has ever pointed it out to me saying that it happened to them. No one has the time and the money to waste poking fun at other people in an environment like this. Go in, do your thing and get out!

6 - Own the back row. 
Last but not least, there's nothing bad with owning the back row, or a hidden corner. Everyone has been there, everyone has done that. Choosing the most remote spot to be on your own - it's a thing. There's no shame. Trust me though, after a while, you won't care where you work out and before you know it, you won't have a problem strolling around in your workout gear at the park and having fun working out in front of anyone. 

So here are my tips. Have you got any? If you don't go to the gym, what's the reason stopping  you? 



  1. The back row rocks. That's always my hiding place in any fitness classes!
    Laura | A Life With Frills 

  2. Loving you comments, I can remember doing all these things on my first couple of weeks at the gym. Another good TIP TO ADD to this list is to REMEMBER , that if you are a beginner do not compare yourself to others who are more fit or who have more experience than you , that can be something that lowers your confidence and motivation. You are at the gym for you and you have to start at the beginning in order to improve your endurance , strength , and stamina. Do not let that keep you from working out , but simply allow others to be your motivation that If you keep at it you will reach a point where you will look like you know what your doing and can work out for longer periods of time. That is something I learned :)

  3. Brilliant post, Kristina! I think we've all been in that situation where we want to go and work out but suffer the fear of being watched and judged. I think the best tip is definitely time - especially if you're just starting out - go for late evening runs (be cautious of course) as not many people are around and then eventually your won't even notice if they are. Also, I find music really helps you escape the fears as you direct your complete attention to listening to your motivating music!

    LL ♥

    1. Aw of course! I should probably share my motivational fitness tunes next time! x

  4. This is such a great post... im trying to get fit, and loose a few pounds, and I must admit, I always try to put the gym off. The cool gear does work a treat, as long as your not bulging out of it from too much Easter chocolate. Need to take some of your pointers, and kick my bigger then wanting butt back into that gym...

  5. Those leggings sound perfect for me! I live in leggings and do yoga every day and I need comfort, and I totally agree, it can be daunting but just switch off and get working it girl!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  6. The back row is my favourite place to be, although I don't really mind getting watched anymore as I used to. But I think I just go there out of sheer habit, funny how some habits are hard to shake! Haha.

    Coffee and Cosmetics // Jess xo

  7. Great tips! I always hated going to the gym because I knew how to use the treadmill, and that was it lol. Going with a friend is definitely a way to ease the nerves!

  8. I definitely felt that way before I finally took the plunge! Gym buddies definitely help! :D

  9. A very nice post to read especially to those persons who always backs out every time they go to gym

  10. I have not been to the gym in ages, purely because I find it hard to find a gym with childcare that's within my budget in my area but gyms can be daunting to venture in. Have a friend or personal trainer to really push you makes you quicker forget your worries. Great post

    Amy x

  11. look on at the figure on you girl im so jelly wow stunning :)

  12. I've always had this fear until I thought that actually i am damn proud to be doing something to improve my shape and health..and if people judge me for how I look now, they'll be jealous of how I will look when i'm done. And it is all in their minds :)
    Also, anything I do, cool gear and correct form are a great confidence boost :)
    love the article!

  13. You forgot: don't go to the gym - work out at home instead! I'm down nearly 30 lbs with the p90x extreme home fitness program and the only staring eyes I have to worry about are those of my children, haha! :D Fab workout clothes though - I've been thinking of treating myself since I've lost all this weight.

  14. These are such fantastic tips, I'm always put off from going to the gym especially when you hear horror stories. I think I still need a bit more persuasion to go (as I do have a massive phobia of going for some reason haha) but these are definitely tips i'll take into account, thank you! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  15. There is some great tips here! I usually put off going to gym because of my laziness, then anything else.

    Pink Frenzy

  16. Such brilliant tips, I am a back row hider when I do go to the gym x

  17. Great tips. I don't mind going to the gym on my own, its running outside that gets to me. I don't know what I think will happen, but I just can't do it. Its true though no one actually cares, everyones doing it for the same reasons. xx

  18. This is so nice and inspirational, i actually love going to the gym myself and notice that no one actually cares what you're doing!


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