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When I decide to go for high-end makeup, I always make sure I get something I know for a fact I'll always want to use. With summer being FINALLY HERE, I wanted to try some new things but also make sure they fitted the weather whilst also being a little different from the usual products I tend to get (like palettes). My palette draw is literally overflowing and that's how I learnt to avoid getting yet another neutral 12-shades pan. (Obviously I say this today and next week I'll be reviewing a new palette purchase, wanna bet?) 

I have been a fan of YSL for the longest time and I will admit I don't only get their products because of the quality but also because of the amazing packaging. Whenever you look at your beauty counter, if there's some gold in it then you just feel that closer to beauty-heaven. I was kindly offered to review a couple of items that recently came out for the brand's summer collections and I couldn't resist. I have been testing out this makeup for the past few weeks and now I feel confident enough to tell you exactly what I think about it and if you should be investing your money on any of these products any time soon.

The Rouge Pur Couture Venris à Lévres Glossy Stain* (longest name ever) retails for £26 and it's the perfect mix between a gloss and a stain that you could get on the market at the moment. One of the main reasons I don't tend to wear lip glosses much is because they can feel heavy on the lips and extremely sticky, but if you're like me you'd still love this product. It's hands down the lightest thing I have ever put on, it feels like water. The effect is rather wet to being with, as you can see in the photo above, but it dries to look extremely natural and pretty. If you check out my previous post you'll be able to see this little number in action on the beach with natural lighting.  It's worth noting that it dries equally on the whole surface of the lips so you won't find yourself with patches and weird stains, also it's extremely easy to remove with your usual makeup remover since it's more on the hydrating side rather than drying. You can apply this in many ways - from one sheer coat to a more layered vibrant look. It's the perfect product for summer however it is really light so all the gals out there who love extremely vibrant colours with thicker coverage may not be as satisfied since this is not a lipstick. I think it's something different worth trying plus it's perfect for a night out as well since it doesn't need re-applying after drinks or most foods (except if you go for a greasy burrito). Once you try this stain, you won't go back to any other brand for sure. 

The Full Metal Shadows* are basically liquid eyeshadows which remind me a lot of the scandal-eyes shadow paints by Rimmel with the main difference being that these don't crease or disappear on oily eyelids - not even if you test them without primer. I won't even say how many times I came home with my eye makeup looking like trash whenever I forgot to use a base, but for the purposes of the test I decided to go to work rocking only a layer of this product and mascara. Needless to say I kept checking my eyes every 30 minutes to make sure racoon eyes were not happening and after an 8 hour shift I was SHOCKED to see my eye look was as fresh as when I just applied it. The glossy metallic finish was still there and even though it took me 10 seconds to blend it in, it just made me look as if I actually made an effort with my makeup in the morning. They're creamy, the shade range is beautiful and very friendly plus the glitter is nothing too in your face but it definitely gives a young and refreshed look. I own the shades Taupe Drop and Pink Cascade, as shown above. 

Overall I'm highly impressed with these new products and I would definitely recommend you guys to give them a little test if you can, even just swatching them in-store to see the shade range and the way they feel. 

Get your hands on the products featured here: 


  1. The gloss stain is a gorgeous shade! Perfect for summer x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. The full metal shadows look right up my street - I haven't tried any YSL makeup before but they look fab for quick colour on the go

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  3. These look wonderful! I'd love to try a YSL product, might have to invest in the lip stain! It looks lovely

    Seren xo |

  4. I love the look of the lip stain - what a gorgeous shade for summer. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. I love the color of the lip stain, I haven't tried any of this products but I might have to give it a try. I know YSL have a very good mascara, you take amazing photos xx

    Wish you a good night :)

    Celia from

  6. That lip product is definitely something that I would use. Such a pretty colour xxx

  7. The gloss is such a pretty shade, it really suits you!
    I love the eyeshadows too - the formula sounds perfect!

    Jess xo

  8. Those shadows look absolutely stunning, both of shades x

  9. I think I need that Lipstick in my life! the eyeshadows are pretty shades too

  10. Everything looks just gorgeous <3 I have my eye on these shadows :)

  11. These products look gorgeous for summer - I need to get saving! xx

  12. looking good, definitely on my wish list,


    Dominika |

  13. The lip colour looks lovely! x

  14. Such a great review. Thanks for the amazing piece and the feature on these new products cause now they're down on my list and I will get them ASAP!

  15. These look quite pricey, though obviously from a brand like YSL you pay for quality.

  16. All of these look so gorgeous! The eyeshadows in particular, I love them and I bet they look gorgeous on you! xxx

  17. Such beautiful colours. I need to try more of their makeup cx

  18. All of the products sound gorgeous - I need to try more YSL makeup x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  19. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with everything you featured here!

  20. The Full Metal Shadows look amazing, I'm loving a metallic eye for summer so I'll definitely be checking these out - thanks for sharing x

  21. Love the colours perfect for summer! I struggle with eye shadows.. make my eyes look to heavy :(

    kirsty xx


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