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Remember when I said I'll start a "Bling Of The Week" series that I would post occasionally to highlight a particular piece of jewellery that I've been loving recently? Yeah, I'm right back at it again with this stunning piece by Buckley London*; check out why I love it so much and my go-to day to night outfit. 

When it comes to jewellery, I like mine to be either dainty and classy or with some kind of big gemstone - that's all you'll ever see me wear. I think that especially with understated pieces, it's extremely easy to wear them anywhere at any time. 
This gorgeous necklace was generously sent to me and I have been wearing it for a couple of months now. It's dainty enough to be the perfect day to night accessory - which is great because honestly, when I do go out I tend to concentrate on the shoes or the dress rather than the bling. 

Rose Gold is probably the most popular metal at the moment when compared to silver or normal gold but it's also extremely easy to style and mix - which is visually proven in this case! I tend to especially show this necklace now before the weather gets too cold and I go back to my scarf collection. If my outfit of the day incorporates a V-neck t-shirt and simple jeans when I go to work I make sure I wear this piece to add a little extra detail and if I have a planned date night then I just switch up to heels and I'm ready to go. Simple and effortless, just the way I like it. 

I believe it would be a perfect present for someone you love dearly, like a best friend, since two rings represent unbreakable bonds. What do you think? 

Day to Night

Shop below some of my favourite pieces to rock with the Buckley London necklace and let me know your taste in jewellery.


  1. That is a gorgeous necklace! It's the sort of thing I would wear.

  2. That is lovely, I really like Buckley jewellery, it is really affordable.


  3. Stunning necklace! So elegant!

  4. I love how dainty it is and the craftsmanship is unreal. This would look great layered with over pendant necklaces.

  5. Very elegant! You got great taste girl.

    XO, Jessi

  6. Lovely necklace! I love etsy for jewelry x

  7. That necklace looks fab. Those outfits would look awesome with it x

  8. Still can't get over how stunning your photography is! Lovely meeting you Saturday :) x

    Angi |


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