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On Monday I was invited to attend Bloggers Fashion Week for the second year running as a VIB. The Bloggers Hangout organised the event and gifted us with lots of gorgeous goodies which I will of course feature and review on here in the upcoming months. I thought I would take a few photos and share my experience for people who either missed out or are thinking of attending in the future so that you'd know what to expect. 

The dress-code was all black chic, pretty much my style anyway so I had plenty to choose from my wardrobe. At the event the two main gals I spent time with were Saida from and my friend from work Natalie who is currently creating a blog which will be mainly based on travel. Nat was my plus one, I thought it would be great to introduce her to the community as a newbie so that she would feel welcomed and see the vibe - us bloggers are actually really friendly! 

You could say the event was split into two sections - the show/catwalk room where you also had a dj, a bar and you could get your nails done; then the gifting lounge which is pretty self explanatory. I had the pleasure to sit for the catwalk show (I kind of arrived a little late due to my train being delayed so I had to RUN to make it in time and a nice chair was more than welcomed). I got to cheer for Jordan (, my newest gal pal in the blogging community who also happened to model for both shows. We were given VIB goodies as well which we found on our seats - I found Barry M and Eyelure samples in the bag (and totally fangirled about it). 

After two fashion shows it was time to get around and chat to other bloggers and finally have a look at the brands and what they had to offer. You could literally find anything from blogger platforms to lingerie to nail polish and skincare so there's something for everyone. Since I like to talk I ended up missing out on some of the goodies that sold out because I stayed too long to chat on certain stands, but I mainly enjoy meeting new people at these events rather than grabbing freebies and running off. 

Pixi and True Brit London stood out to me. Pixie's new vegan range of lipsticks is something I can't wait to test out and TBL have the most stunning nail polish packaging I have seen in a long while. As for jewellery, Miglio are killing it. With Love Lilly and Fleur of England took my breath away with their amazing lingerie designs, I highly recommend you check both brands out. 

Between giggles, a cheeky drink and lots of laughs I seriously had a lovely time. I can't wait to find out more about the brands I had the opportunity of seeing at the event and I certainly look forward to more events! 

Have you been to a blogger gathering like this before? 


The jumpsuit I'm wearing is available to purchase here


  1. Love your photography! I haven't really been to many blogging events but hopefully now I have a bit more free time I can go along to some!

  2. Your pictures are amazing. No I have never been to any blogger event before. Maybe some day I will have the perfect event and the time to attend one.

  3. Love this post and your outfit. Great coverage of the event!
    Rhea xx uk

  4. Kris! That jumpsuit - YES. Glad you ladies finally found eachother (haha) and had an awesome time! Such a sweet idea to take Nat along, starting up a blog is so exciting! x

  5. Holy heck you and Saida are looking on point - such hot friends ;) <3

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  6. Sounds like a great event and all three of you match/look so good together! Love a good fashion show too! x

  7. everything looks so fabulous. I especially love your jumpsuit you look AMAZING!

  8. You guys look gorgeous, loving your outfits! Sounds like you had a lovely time! And the photos are beautiful, great post! :))

    Heather Xx

  9. seems like a great event! i'd love to attend one someday :) x

  10. I was gutted that I couldn't make it to this event, looks like you had a great time though! x

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  13. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing!
    And thank you for showing my jewelry brand! :D

  14. Wow, what an experience! x Love your outfit!


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