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From left to right - Tower of Mauve, Vintage Pink, True Vintage, Mulberry, Diva 

Autumn is here and it's my favourite season of the year for many reasons. One of them is the gorgeous lip shades I get to wear out and about without getting funny looks from people on the bus. 
Actually, I still get them, but who cares, it's Halloween season and I can be a little more daring. 

 I wanted to share some of my favourite drugstore shades which are perfect for this season or as transitional colours from summer for people who maybe don't really like going to the dark side (we do have cookies though so why not join us anyway?).  I do believe that you really don't need to spend loads at all to get some amazing products with great smell, pigmentation and quality.

Unintentionally it turns out that of all the drugstore lipstick I had, Rimmel is definitely my favourite brand and you may see a little bit of a repetition in this post since I can't help but feature mostly their lipsticks. 

The lightest colour, a dusty dark pink also called Pink Vintage (Rimmel) is my go-to in the autumn period when I feel a little lazy in the morning and I don't want to use a dark shade which requires lining my lips and concealing the edges. It's on the neutral side so it won't wash you out or look barbie-like fake and over the top since it is darker. It's perfect for any skin tone and it glides on the lips really easily. 

Another gem from the Moisture Renew range by Rimmel is Tower of Mauve, which has red tones to it but is still really wearable. This is the shade for when you want to look a little more daring but not leave your comfort zone too much. 

Then, going on the dark side there's True Vintage (ahem, Rimmel again. I swear I'm not sponsored) which is the deepest pink, sort of a few steps from Pink Vintage and with berry undertones. It looks slightly darker in the tube but when you apply it it's not as scary. I think this would look great on olive skin girls who don't want to go for "halloween" lips. Pared with a dusty pink blush this would look amazing. 

Now, really stepping it up to the "nearly black/witch lipstick" shades, I picked two. One is slightly darker and it's from Sleek Makeup, called Mulberry. I featured this lipstick last year (here) and many of you said it looks nice on me so I decided to wear it again and be a little brave. Sleek is a brand that needs more hype for sure and their lipsticks are amazing - pigmented, moisturising, the shade range is good and the price is affordable. Next time you're in Superdrug do check them out! The other is from Lord & Berry, again, another brand that needs more recognition. Diva is a blackcurrant colour which is also really easy to apply and the pencil-like shape makes it great for on the go retouching without necessarily needing a lip liner. 

That concludes my post with the lipstick choices but check back this week for posts on nail polishes, lipliners and skincare! Everything changes with the new season. 

Let me know your favourite drugstore autumn shade in the comments below, I'd love to know. 

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  1. I love the look of 'Vintage Pink', such a pretty shade!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  2. I have Mulberry and absolutely love it. Looks great on you too! X

  3. I totally agree, Lord and Berry definitely need more reginition!! I love the Diva colour - may have to copy!! xo

  4. I also like Rimmel lipsticks cause they are such a great value for price! Love True vintage

  5. Oooh True Vintage looks like such a gorgeous shade! Love your picks chick, can't beat the high street for choice! x

    Always, Alice

  6. Mulberry is gorgeous! I've never been brave enough to wear anything so dark but I think this might be the year that changes! x

    Megan |

  7. I will take all of these, please and thank you ;)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  8. I don't have anything from Sleek but I love that Mulberry shade! Autumn is my favourite for lip shades xx

    Tamz |

  9. Every single shade is so gorgeous!

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

  10. I love the Vintage Pink colour and haha I have to say Rimmel lipsticks are amazing, I don't blame you. I've already got one of their berry shades in 30! x

  11. Really love the look of Mulberry! - Amy

  12. OMG! I need to try Mulberry and Diva, they look awesome! and I'm obsessed with your photography, it's amazing :O!

  13. Oh my gosh some of these look like MAC dupes which is super awesome. I need to get my hands on Mulbery it looks outta this world :) xx

  14. I love all these berry shades but Pink Vintage is definitely my favourite. Tx

  15. Oooo I've been in search for autumn lipsticks! Think I can rock out the True Vintage don't think I can pull off Mulberry though ...

    beauty and lifestyle blog

  16. I love every single shade here! So excited to be rocking the berry lips now its Autumn again! great photos too by the way, your blog is gorgeous!!xx

  17. W7 in chestnut is the perfect burgundy for me


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