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For the longest time, ever since I was little, I loved marble. I don't know why exactly but in my old flat we had marble floors and I remember thinking how beautiful they looked. Now, every blogger (or most at least) uses a marble background for a post, and the material in general is recreated and printed everywhere. You can have it on your phone, notebooks, laptops, bags, shoes and more. I love it. I hope this trends lasts a long time. I think that if I had my own makeup line, the packaging would be marble-like as well so yes, you could say I'm basically obsessed.

I got super excited when CaseApp got in touch with me to review one of their products because guess what, they do both marble phone cases AND skins for your laptop, to add some personality and jazz up your gear a little. As a blogger, I do like to change up the look of my every-day must-haves such as my phone and even my camera strap. Long story short, I couldn't say no, so here I am, fangirling about it. Please someone tell me this is okay and I'm not totally weird. 

For anyone who hasn't used laptop skin before, it's basically a big, thick sticker that is super easy to remove and doesn't leave any weird or dirty mess when you decide to get rid of it. I love mine because even though my dog scratched it and tried to bite it (puppy problems), it still remained intact and looking as good as new. 

Of course, if you're not much into marble then we can't be friends you can always customise your own design and have butterflies on it if you feel like it. I definitely suggest you to check out their site and have fun creating your own thing. Psst -you can also use my code CREEPERSANDCASE to get 20% off. 

If this wasn't enough, on the list of things I would like to add to my marble collection, there's some gorgeous notebooks that cost only £5.88 (I'm a sucker for stationery) and an affordable desk lamp with some copper statement as well. On the more expensive side, I discovered a gorgeous box clutch, which is the perfect statement for a simple outfit- like the ones I usually wear- and a pair of gorgeous leather shoes which killed me.  You can get a few more links to these types of things if you visit Polyvore, which I highly recommend. (Don't blame me if you then end up spending a little fortune though) 

Are you obsessed with marble? 


  1. Love your marble picks! I actually recently did a post on a DIY marble tray! You can see it here!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. I would have marble everything if I could, it's so lovely!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  3. Gorgeous I love marble as well! And haha, so funny I was just talking to my friend the other day and I told her that if I had a makeup line the packaging would probably be rose gold/copper and marble :D

    Love, kerstin

  4. I don't think there's such a thing as too much marble! Those notebooks would come in handy too x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    1. then you would love

      They do everything marble....and I mean real natural marble, not printed plastic.

  5. I am loving the marble trend recently, especially combined with copper. Obsessed with copper. Great post! xxx

  6. I'm obsessed with marble and copper, like most bloggers right now! Them shoes are amazing and I really want a laptop case in marble!

  7. I love the clock and the lamp! x
    Louise |

  8. I am pretty obsessed with marble too!

  9. I love Marble too.The amount of marble stuff I have is crazy lol

  10. I love Marble! Its so nice in blog pictures, I am so drawn to posts with marble in the background lol

  11. have you looked at real marble ones?


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