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Shopping My Mum's Stash: SKINCARE EDITION

I have been a little cheeky and whilst my mum was at work I decided to look through her skincare cabinet and stalk what products she's been using lately just to share them with you guys. Sorry Ma. 

Last month I ran out of all my skincare favourites (all at once as well, which was a nightmare) and whilst I was researching what to use for autumn, I just decided to have a look and see if I could kind of borrow any of my mum's picks. Honestly I didn't expect I could use anything because of the age difference (again, sorry ma, I know you read here) but surprisingly enough she actually doesn't have any anti-age products in her stash. 

Now that I got my skincare all sorted, as you would have seen in my previous post, I still thought the idea of sharing my "shop my stash" experience with a little twist would be fun. Here's what I have found: 

- Main day cream: VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL which is perfect for women who have sensitive skin on the dryer side and who want intense moisture. Mum picked the "rich" formula but there's a lighter serum as well for who prefers a less heavy option. I have combination skin and I loved this moisturiser as an evening product after a long day. 

- The eye cream: VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL AWAKENING BALM that as the name suggest truly does make your eyes appear less tired, more hydrated and fresh. This option wasn't too heavy for me so I did (and still do) use it during the day as well. It helps my concealer stay on flawlessly without forming any lines or moving the product around. 

- The night time oil: 1001 REMEDIES TREASURE OIL which is an amazing multi-purpose product that can be used on the skin as well as on the hair. It contains moroccan argan oil and omega 6 which help stop signs of ageing and reduce any marks or scars.

- The overnight mask: NIP+FAB DRAGONS BLOOD PLUMPING MASK which has been featured on here a couple of times already (totally stole this number from me). I love using it  when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated and in need of something to boost it and give it back some life. I tend to leave it on for 10 minutes but it has the best effect if left on the face for the whole night. In the morning, dry patches will only be a thing of the past. 

- The staple product: Original Pavlovic Ointment which is actually a product from back home in Serbia where some of our family is from. This gem has been with us for generations and it pretty much fixes everything. From dry skin, to pimples, to burns and anything in between when it comes to minor skin concerns we all turn to this. It's not available to be purchased here in UK I don't think, but it's a rather affordable go-to product for whoever can get their hands on it. I may do a giveaway with it as a prize at some point. 

So that's it for now, I may stalk her makeup section soon and report back on that in the near future. Have you ever "borrowed" skincare from your parents? Let me know in the comments, I'm really curious. 


  1. Oh what a fun coincidence, I just drafted and queued a "Borrowed from Mom" post just now. I love raiding my mom's beauty and skincare closet, she always has interesting bits to sift through. I definitely love stealing her perfume, as Jo Malone is quite the treat to spritz on. Can't wait to see what you find in your mom's beauty stash!

    Cindy //

  2. I used to drive my mum nuts testing out her skincare/make-up/perfume all the time when I still lived at home! The Aqualia range is lovely though - good choices, Kristina's mum!

    Misia xx |

    1. haha she'll be happy to read this :) She has great skincare choices indeed ;) x

  3. Your mum has some great products, I've been wanting to try Vichy for ages now! Thanks for sharing x

  4. I always steal my mum's skincare, especially as she has the Clarins eye make-up remover which seems to be the only make-up remover to remove mascara fully!

  5. haha this was a brilliant idea!! my mom hasn't got much of a skincare routine except for an eye cream and a moisturizer..your mum has a great stash! :)

  6. Stealing mum's stuff is the best. Love your blog lovely, thanks for linking me on Twitter

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  7. This is such a great idea for a post. Your mum has some fab products in her collection! xxx

  8. When I was younger I would "borrow" my mom's Chanel skin care. I think she knew too but didn't care. Eventually she bought me my own set.

  9. Stealing from mom is always great, it's how I became a beauty addict growing up haha I've got to get my hands on those Vichy products!

  10. Your mom has AMAZING stuff. I used to love to steal my mom's Chanel makeup and Clinique skincare, until she bought me my own. I think I became skincare obsessed because of her. But seriously I want to try that Dragons Blood, I need it NOW!

  11. I don't really borrow a skincare from my mom because it is the other way around lol.Your mom sure have lots of good products!

  12. I think you mum has quite a fantastic stash and one I would definitely be dipping into x

  13. Seems like great products♥♥

  14. I really want to try Vichy products from this range! I remember I always used to 'borrow' from my mum when I was living with her.

    Great post,


  15. My Mum uses really basic skincare and her skin is pretty much the opposite of mine so I don't think I'd have much luck borrowing from her! The Dragon's Blood mask sounds fab, I love a good overnight mask :)

    Jess xo

  16. I love Vichy Aqualia Thermal range! Haven't tried the balm, love the night cream!

  17. Nip + Fab is a brand I want to try, if not this year then next. Great range of products x

    Pink Frenzy

  18. Your mum has great taste in skincare! I love Vichy products, they're fab =)



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