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Style Challenge: 5 Days Without Jeans

I'm all for style-staples in a closet. 
When I spend money on clothes, I always ask myself: "Will You Wear this AT LEAST 30 times?", "Is it essential?" and "Will you like it next year?"
That way I tend to minimise the amount of items which I feel the need to give away after each season. 

What I did notice though, is that now that I found 'my style', I rarely go out of my comfort zone, and if there's one thing that I make sure to always have, that would be black skinny jeans. I realised that I wear them a little too often in fact, and that it would be nice to mix things up a little from time to time. 

I was approached by George at Asda with an interesting challenge - ditch the jeans for a week and wear anything else. Well, I had to accept it and really see how I felt about styling something else for once. 

The Athleisure Style - Day 1 

I've been really enjoying the athleisure trend coming back and bigger than ever. I love my jogging bottoms* and I think that if they fit nicely you can easily wear them outside of your own home without looking lazy. I decided to pair mine up with a nice crop top and a leather jacket. Of course Sid had to make an appearance because he's out with me most of the time. 

The Day to Night Dress - Day 2

Last week I had one of those days where I needed to wear something all day, from day to night. Picking up this gorgeous black plait strap maxi dress* was the best idea ever. During the day I wore a leather jacket and some sandals with a little bit of heel and natural makeup. For the night look, I just switched up the lipstick to a deep red and boom, I was ready for the bar! 

The Jewellery 
I've been wearing these gorgeous pieces by Simply Silver for a while now and they looked great with any outfit, even during this crazy no-jeans week. The bracelet is very classy and minimal with a gold-plated central link and the set of three mixed metal rings are perfect for people who like a subtle statement and bling. 

The Off-toWork Outfit - Day 3

Let's keep in mind that I'm a student (until next week when I officially finish uni) but my part time job is in retail, so I'm allowed to show up wearing whatever I want. As I also intern at a little PR company, I want to wear something more chic when going to the office but staying comfortable is vital for me. This Jumpsuit* is the perfect pick because it's made of great quality soft and light material, it's easy to dress up or down and it's just amazing value for money. 

I styled it with my MK ballet flats that I scored last year in TK MAXX and a matching bag again from Michael Kors.

The Blogging Day Look - Day 4

You probably know by now that I love denim dresses*. 
This is the brightest one I have in my little collection and I wear it a lot. I'm not into baring my legs when it's breezy, but since I love this piece and I find it flattering, I'm willing to play a little more and show some skin, battling the cold British weather. (Can anyone believe it SNOWED the other day?!)

I simply styled this piece with a comfy pair of Yeezy dupes from LoveClothing. You can spot the black version in this post. They're extremely affordable and perfect for summer. 

Out with Friends - Day 5

This is my favourite look of all. I am IN LOVE with this simple sleeveless swing dress*. They've been so popular in the past couple of years and I find them easy to style as they go with pretty much any kind of jacket and shoes depending on the vibes you're into. This time around I decided to style mine with a recent purchase, this stunning vintage-looking denim jacket from Topshop

So these are my 5 looks! Which one is your favourite and would you be able to live without your trusty black skinny jeans? I enjoyed the challenge but I'm also ready to go back to my routine! 


  1. I like the jumpsuit its really nice and suits you well.

    1. Thank you Nayna, I could live in it! haha

  2. I love your outfits here, especially that jumpsuit x

    1. Thank you Hannah! The jumpsuit is so comfy! x

  3. Gorgeous looks! I love the jumpsuit and the denim jacket in your last photograph! : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. Gorgeous in all of them, I love the last outfit the most!

  5. All your looks are great especially the total black ones.. + Your dog is sooooo cute!:)

    Theano from FASHIONIZEIN

    1. Black on black is always good ;) Thank you lovely x

  6. I love your first outfit in particular - it's so casual and your dog is so cute! x

    1. aw thank you Emma :) Sid is the star of the show, let's just admit that haha x

  7. I think I could live without jeans for 5 days ! It is a challenge that I must try soon

    1. It's definitely worth giving it a shot ;) It's a fun challenge!

  8. Day four and five are my favourites! I'd really struggle without jeans, too...
    Sid is super cute ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Thanks Jess <3 I know, it was tough haha

  9. Replies
    1. aw thank you Sofia :) Have a nice weekend x

  10. Brilliant! Love the day to night dress which is just so versatile.

    1. It's so comfy and you can eat wearing it as well and no baby food will show haha x

  11. The grey dress is really pretty! I feel like if I had to do this challenge, I'd just wear leggings the whole time!

  12. Day 4 is my favourite, the denim dress looks lovely. I would find it hard to not wear Jeans as its my normal style X

  13. Love your style, very minimalist and chic! I used to send bags full of clothes to charity but two years ago I made a choice to buy clothes I'd wear more than once! xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + House of Fraser Giveaway

  14. I have to admit, I wear my trusty black skinnies way too much as well!
    I love this post and all the outfits one here - my favourite has to be the 'Out with Friends' so simple, yet so nice.

    kayla |

  15. I love your athleisure look. It makes me so happy that I can look chic in sweatpants haha. I'm weird in that I go through weeks where I wear jeans every day, but then I might go weeks not wearing them at all! So depending on my mood, I could probably do this ;)

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

  16. I wear leggings far too much! I adore the first look, though! I really want a pair of Ivy Park joggers!
    Laura x

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