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Designer Shoes Wishlist

I'm more of a bag than a shoes person to be honest, but this past year I've come to appreciate and admire the beauty of a good designer shoe. In the sacred words of Lily Bass from Gossip Girl: "How can shoes not be considered art?" 

I find that buying designer pieces is an amazing investment, not because you can re-sell them, but because the quality is unbeatable and you can pass on your goods to future family members or carry said pieces for years and years. It will take me a while to bite the bullet again and go for a crazy purchase but this is my wishlist and I will come back to it whenever I eventually decide to go shoe shopping. I thought it would be fun to share it with you because hey, a girl can dream! 


1 - Gianvito Rossi is my favourite designer when it comes to high heels and one of the most popular designs this year has been his Suede and PVC pumps
They're now 50% off and they're selling out fast! A great alternative I found while shopping the sales lately has been from Zara, but as you can imagine they're also pretty much sold out. (cries) 

2 - Another pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps I've been eyeing are WHITE (available here) and are also on sale, down almost half their original price. If I was getting married any time soon, these would be definitely in my basket by now. They're so classy and elegant. Yes, this the only white pair because black is the best colour when it comes to shoes, bags and clothes in general. I do like to get a different shade sometimes, just to break up the cycle. If I wasn't so worried of scuffing and makinf my shoes dirty, I would purchase more white pairs. 

3 - Suede tends to be a material I'm not super into as it's very delicate but I can't stop lusting over these gorgeous Jimmy Choo lace up sandals (available here).  I read many reviews and apparently they're really comfortable to wear and they look super cute with dresses, especially for spring and summer! Of course Public Desire have quite a few dupes like this gorgeous pair. 

4 - On top of my wishlist there's one pair of shoes that I've been wanting to get for a long time. The Gianvito Rossi leather mules (available here), which look stunning, yet they're simple and really comfortable according to a few friends of mine who own them. They're always sold out but when they come back in stock I may have to treat myself to a pair. Eeek. 


5 - Boots are definitely something I would invest in as I live in them about 70% of the year. This pair of leather ankle boots by Alexander Wang (here) feature his signature cut-out heel that adds a little bit of edge to any outfit. It's so understated though that when noticed it makes you look like the cool kid because you're not even trying. I have seen them in person and they look amazing even after a few years of wear. I haven't found a dupe for these and honestly, the originals are the only way to go.

6 - These a more boho-looking pair, the classic Chloe Susanna boots (available here) that many LA-gals are seen wearing. I remember spotting them for the first time on HeyClaire's instagram and staying in love with them for the longest time. Personally I would go for the silver detailing but the classic gold one is great too. 


7 - A pair of shoes that has gathered a vast number of both lovers and haters is the infamous Gucci Princetown fur-lined loafers (available here). I don't own any fur, nor do I plan to, but there's something quite fascinating about these shoes. They're so ugly, they're kind of fabulous, hence I can't help but want them. There's slip-on options that are without fur and those are also stunning!  

8 - A good alternative for them is the more classic loafer, also by Gucci (available here) that keep being sold out most of the time. Topshop have a few decent dupes  for under £30 like these , or just over £60, like these here

9 - Espadrilles are always back, especially during summer. Of course Chanel is well-known for making the most sought after pair ,but you don't have to pay full price for them. I started shopping in the pre-loved market and Vestiaire Collective is a trusted site I always buy from. I have found some pretty awesome dupes though, this pair for £40, and this pair for £26. 

So there it is, my little wish-list that maybe one day I will tick off completely. Let me know if you like any of the shoes mentioned here and if own any designer pieces yourself! 


  1. I could definitely make space in my shoe wardrobe for number 4, they are so sexy and stylish.

  2. I just got myself a few new pairs of Kurt Geiger flats - so comfortable!

    1. I love KG! Great brand :) Need to check out their sale asap x

  3. Omg I love the Gianvito shoes in white! Omg, I woudn't mind have all of these shoes in my closet hehe. Great wish list! x

    1. Great pick! and yeah, a shoe closet with these in there would be goals! x

  4. I love the number 6 boots. I always struggle to find ones I like so I may have to test myself here! I mean it is my birthday soon!


    1. They're so classy and nice! You wouldn't regret them :) x

  5. I have to confess that i hate shoe shopping as i have really weird shaped feet lol. You have picked out some great choices tho!

    1. Aw really! I can never find my size as my feet are long! haha

  6. Some beautiful picks, I'm into the perspex, see through straps lately. I saw Jared Leto advertising #7 before, I'm sure cos I was wondering if it was real fur as he's a vegan.

    1. Pretty sure it's not faux fur unless he had them custom made haha

  7. wow.. pretty sandals.. Each one have a unique style.. Liked it..


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