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10 Basic Style Rules I Live By

I'm by no means a styling expert but through the years I learnt a thing or two about what looks good on me and how in some way I can always look put together even when I'm running 10 minutes late. 

I realised that if I feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I probably look so as well, and as much as I try and experiment every once in a while, I also try my best to stay focused on comfort and rock what I have.

Today I thought it would be good to share 10 of the best tips I've been told or learnt along the way. Yes, some are super basic, but because they're so logic I do believe that we tend to overlook them or forget about them easily. 

1 - If it doesn't fit, get over it and let it go. As a teen especially, I would buy anything that my favourite actress or singer wore without taking in consideration my body shape and oh my.. the results were pretty bad at times. Thank goodness I didn't have a blog back then. 

2 - There's nothing wrong/boring with having a signature look. Me? I like black skinny jeans, plain t-shirts and a leather jacket. Is it ground breaking? Nope. Do I feel good wearing it? Yes. I wear this combination almost daily during summer, and in winter I just switch it up to chunky jumpers. No shame. 

3 - It's good to invest in accessories. I'm now a firm believer that spending more on shoes and bags is a great strategy to elevate your look and save your money in the long term. I'm more into bags than shoes but I do spend at least £50 on real leather boots from brands like Topshop because they can last years and look good. 

4 - Take care of your leather goods. Going from the last point, if you're already spending more money on certain items, take good care of them. Store your leather jackets well and clean/condition your boots often to keep them looking awesome. I also use protective sprays on bags to avoid rain stains. 

5 - Clean out your closet - regularly. I will admit I'm a little rubbish at this but I try to improve each year. Don't keep stuff you don't wear or not love anymore - sell, donate, give to friends! 

6 - Don't buy smaller sizes to 'inspire you' to lose weight. Come on, we've all done it at some point, I know I did. Was it a good idea? No. Most of those jeans or dresses just ended up gathering dust in my closet and being forgotten about. 

7 - Don't waste too much on trendy pieces. They're just trends and in a couple of years or so, they will be forgotten because something new and exciting will take over. I love bardot tops but I will not spend more than £30 on a top like that. 

8 -  Only wear heels if you can walk in them. Especially during the day and at work, do you really want to make a fool of yourself? High heels can definitely give you a feeling of power and they can make you look professional and classy but you need to know how to walk in them properly. I can clearly recall an accident at a previous job where my boss fell down the stairs because her new Prada heels were too much for her. Awkward (and kind of funny). 

9 - Iron things to look more presentable. Man, it makes a difference. I hate ironing shirts but you're not gonna look cool in any shape or form if you show up to work with a top with lines and creases everywhere. It says a lot about you and your level of effort. 

10 - If in doubt, over dress. You may have seen in my previous post "what I wear when I don't know what to wear", that I like LBDs. Have a few in your closet as they'll save you more times than you expect. 

T-shirt and bra - Brandy Melville (amazing affordable alternative HERE)
Jeans - Topshop
Bag (preloved) - Balenciaga from HERE 
Shoes - Victoria* (alternative pair HERE if you don't like the croc detail) 

I'd love to know what 'rules' you apply daily to your style-life and if you agree with any of my points. 

The photos above are the outfit that I've been wearing several times last month to work and on different trips to London. I'm obsessed with deep V-neck t-shirts! 

Have a fabulous day. X 


  1. Point 6 is REALLY important! I love that you've tackles some really important body confidence and image rules as well as the fashion ones as part of this - it's really important to work on the inner stuff as well as the outer stuff!

    Lottie xx

    1. exactly :) Your learn from mistakes and all that!
      Thanks for reading x

  2. Oooh I love the top/bra combo. I love a retro style so I suppose you could call that my signature style.
    Im 100% with you on the 'only wear heels you can walk in' point.

  3. I'm 100% with you on the 'shoes you can walk in' point. I guess my rule is to dress for style as opposed to fashion. X

    1. Absolutely :) I don't always follow the 'newest' trends x

  4. Love this post. I really have to stop looking at dresses I wore a few years ago and wishing I could still fit into them, there's no chance! Also the shoes you can walk in, I'm the WORST for buying shoes just because they're pretty haha.
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. Thank you!
      hahah I used to do the same now I'm realistic and try my best to buy shoes I know I can wear xx

  5. Ironing my clothes is something I definitely need to get better at! I love the look and feel well ironed clothes give me (hello elegance and the feeling of having my life together) but usually I'm just too lazy.. Anyway, loved this post and most of the points are something I live by too! xx

    1. I too lazy too haha I just do it when I have work cause I know I need to look presentable! xx

  6. Jeans with a white t shirt always looks great. Good choice of coordinates. Shoes are great.

  7. Great rules. You can look stylish in casual clothes - it is all in how you put the look together.

  8. What an awesome post. Many of those things I go by myself. Love your outfit... I have those shoes!

  9. Great tips, it's so important to be comfortable in what you're wearing or everyone can tell!

  10. loved your pictures and great tips :)

  11. I say overdress a bit because it doesn't hurt to look presentable, wear a bold lipstick and perfume. Also a bit of colour and pattern in every outfit. I can't handle an all neutral outfit, it bores me. I work best with colour and pattern


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