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5 Blogging Rules I Break All The Time

I started blogging two and a half years ago, and in all honestly I was bloody clueless. My photography was awful, the design was atrocious for the first couple of months and all in all I had absolutely no idea how much work (and time) this little site was going to require. I set myself some goals as I really loved certain blogs and I wanted to "be  like them" because they're cool and pleasant to the eye. I started researching tips through pinterest and with time I managed to evolve my little space on the internet to something I'm quite proud of. 

HOWEVER, I have noticed that still to this day I break most of the 'rules' that we're told to obey in order to increase our chances in having a massive and popular blog. Oops. Thought I'd confess my sins on here and laugh about it because let's face it, you will never see me: 

- Have a Niche
We're told that the nicher your blog is, the better, because people know what to expect from you and they can identify you in the crowd. I totally understand that, but some of the blogs I like the most post baking one day and fashion the next. To me variety keeps it interesting. We're all different people with different interests. Yes, I love makeup but one of the reasons I decided to incorporate more fashion is because I wanted a break from constantly reviewing items, I mean there's so much you can say about a blush! 

- Post every day 
I'm currently interning in London and I'm so exhausted after work that all I want to do is eat and chill for the evening. Posting daily just isn't for me because I also don't tend to check my favourite blogs daily. Hats off to the people who do that though, I don't know how you do it, especially if you have a job on the side. 

- Have a schedule
Probably the most brutal one, but some weeks I will post four times, some weeks one time. I always make it my goal to have two posts a week and so far I haven't broken that rule often- and when I do, I make up for it by posting more. The thing that puts me off 'promising' to post on certain days is that I feel more pressure and this is my hobby, not my job so I want it to stay fun. Also, I'm not that popular so I doubt a loyal reader would remember the exact days I post, know what I'm saying? It's a chill zone here. 

- Spend X amount of time connecting with other bloggers/ doing promo
I have my phone in my hand almost all the time, yes, but I am not on twitter promoting my post every hour or mentioning other bloggers. I'm rubbish at the whole networking thing and I don't like forcing myself to be friends with someone or talking hours on end with a person on twitter. Some weeks I'll be on my social media for a long time, for sure, and I'll talk to everyone and some days I'll just be completely off it. I haven't posted a photo on Instagram in three days (yikes, better upload one now actually) but seriously, I don't let the internet world run my life. I keep it quite separate to my 'normal' social life and that way I feel more positive. 

- Write for a specific audience 
I read countless posts telling me to find my audience, analyse it and 'cater to their likes and interest' but at the risk of sounding selfish, this blog is mine and really what I should be doing is posting stuff I like. With that said, I won't be reviewing a tissue brand because I've had a bad cold or a car because I've been on a road trip, but I am pretty flexible with beauty, fashion and other topics.

So there you have the five rules I break - even though I'm pretty sure the list could be definitely longer! 
Do I feel guilty about it? Not at all. So far I've made sure my blog stayed interesting and fun for me to go back to every week and a hobby I'm not getting tired of. I also don't tend to suffer from writer's block or feel uninspired because I don't force myself so ideas come naturally. I'd love to know if you break any "rules"! 

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  1. Some bloggers can put too much pressure on themselves to blog every day and stick to a schedule but I think if blogging becomes a chore, it'll be much less enjoyable so I'm like you and break quite a lot of these rules as if it's not fun, I don't want to do it!

  2. I'm just glad I'm not the only blogger who makes these mistakes, I feel a little less guilty now. Having a schedule and being able to post everyday is such hard work!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. Yeah! There's nothing wrong with it anyway :) We all run our blogs in different ways xx

  3. First, I think you are doing a fantastic job and I love your blog! I can relate to all the five rules, I break them all the time aswell it is so easy once you get out of bounce. I tried to have a schedule but because of my selfemployment I always end up forgetting the post I already have written and write new ones haha! I do believe we all can relate to this one x

  4. I love this post! Blogging is such a personal hobby, there's no reason you should follow "rules" that don't work for you :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  5. I actually used to put so much pressure on myself to follow all of these rules but I had a moment of epiphany recently: the less I stress about schedule, niche audience and what more, the more I actually enjoy blogging! Good to know there's other rule breakers too ;) xx

    1. OMG YES TO THIS! If there's no pressure, there's more fun ;)

  6. I definitely don't post everyday or have a niche. I do try to stick to a schedule, but that's mostly for me so I remember to keep up with blogging! :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. That's fair enough :) I think we all have some sort of schedule in our own way xx

  7. I really enjoyed reading this! I definitely don't have a niche - I just post what I feel like sharing! x

  8. Don't feel guilty about not following these 'rules'.
    If the way you run your blog feels great, then why change? :)

    Celien | The Losing Struggle

  9. I don't think theres any set rules to blogging, I just blog when I can about the things I love and I think thats the most important thing :)

  10. Such a lovely post that every blogger should read! The fact that you don't have to follow every rule strictly to be successful is something I think everyone should learn! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  11. Excellent post and really highlights points I make myself ha,ha! I only post 3-4 times a week as I don't check blogs everyday and find this routine much better and it fits around my job! I find scheduling good and it keeps me more organised! As for theming I prefer variety too! I always post to instagram, pinterest and such but Twitter/Facebook is a struggle with me for promoting posts! Luckily IG links up to my FB so I can just share but twitter feels more forced as I'm more into my images and photography than writing x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  12. It's totally ok to break all these rules! I relate to all of them. Having a schedule for your posts is great if you need a bit of organisation in your life, but I find that it takes the fun out of blogging! I don't want to force myself to write a post for a specific day because then it won't be as good quality as it would be if I really wanted to write it! I don't think every blog needs a specific niche either, the more variety the better! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  13. Fab post. I wrote a similar some months ago. I agree with some of these.

  14. Really interesting to read this - I love a rule breaker! I have been blogging for a long time, so I'm aware that how I do things is probably different to how many bloggers do things. But that's OK, the world would boring if we were all the same. There is a great saying in Amy Poehler's book: "Good for her! Not for me" which I think encompasses the fact that it's good to do things differently, and we can all support each other whilst taking our own paths.

  15. I think I'd run myself ragged trying to post daily - which defeats the point for me seeing as I blog for fun! I do stick to a schedule but mainly because for me personally it's easier to plan my content ahead when I do - because of my job pretty much everything needs to be a good fortnight ahead! I definitely don't agree about the 'niche' and 'audience' stuff either - we should post what we want to, though I do think I'd probably change my blog name if I ended up doing more non-beauty than beauty haha

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  16. OMG I can totally relate to the "trying to blog on certain days thing" it adds so much pressure and before you know it, it feels like work taking the fun out of it .. such a great post x

  17. Such a great post.. good to know that every blogger isn't trying to fit into the same mould.. blogging should be fun and not all this pressure about how you need to post everyday or post a certain amount of times on social media


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