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Currently Craving: CHOKERS

(Gold and black choker - £22 - here)

I work in retail and every day when I serve on the till, I see women buying chokers. It's literally almost every customer to the point that you forget you work in a shop that sells, you know, clothes as well. I stayed away from this trend for as long as possible but as it hasn't died yet, I gave in and decided to incorporate it in my looks. I wanted to show you guys three chokers I added recently to my collection, from the brand Johnny Loves Rosie*

I love the plain bands around the neck but for nights out I prefer to go for slightly more fancy looking ones that don't break the bank. I also love layering them as they look slightly more sophisticated and cool when stacked together. 
The latest ones I picked range in price, between £20/£22. Not the cheapest ones but they are good quality chokers with more than just a simple string. My favourite one, pictured above, can be worn two ways. I decided to tie the string in a bow but you can also leave it down with a knot, as shown on the site. I like to wear this with distressed band tees as it's more of a girly number. 

Multi layer chokers (£20) are also a massive hit for me as they're already put together for you. Mixing a simple velvet string with gold details elevates the look of the piece itself as well as your outfit. I get so many compliments when I wear mine and this little gem looks great both day and night. When I don't feel like wearing the classic black choker but I want something dainty and cute, I always choose a short necklace. Of course I went with a Harry Potter inspired lightening bolt (no surprise here) but I also have my eye on the super chic dragonfly. 

My wish list is growing each day so let me know if you're into this trend at all and which chokers are your favourite. 


  1. I tried to stay away from the choker trend for months until I finally gave in and can't keep away now! I love the unique ones you've picked out especially the ribbon one at the top which looks amazing! x

    Always, Alice

    1. They're addictive right! And glad you like them :)

  2. Im always in love with chokers, theyre my daily essential accessory!

    Dana |

  3. I've been loving chokers lately as well! They are so delicate and cute! Love the ones you have on above! xo

    McKenzie |

    1. Thanks lovely :) Glad to know you like my picks :) xx

  4. I like what you have chosen, it gives a real twist to the trend. I have a diamante one from Jack Wills that I wear a lot.

  5. I'm not really into chokers as such,but I do love my short necklace with an umberella and blue raindrop bead that I got from The Magpie's Daughter (a local to me, jewellery maker) Yours with the lightning bolt is lovely too :)

  6. i love this post! i hope you're having an amazing day :)


  7. One of my very favorite peice of jewelry is Boho Gold Statement Choker. It's brongy,royalic and very fashionable. It gives my age a elegant look and modern too. It's the best for oth middle aged and teenagers.


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