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Stay at the Ibis Hotel Shoreditch + Ibis Lates event

I have stayed at many Ibis Hotels before, especially back in my teen years when I used to travel a lot around the UK to see my favourite bands. As they're a chain I trust and love, when I was presented with the opportunity to review my stay at their Shoreditch location and enjoy a night there for the opening of IbisLates on tour, how could I say no? 

The Stay 

As I just mentioned, this was not my first stay. In the past few years I have visited a few ibis hotels - from Birmingham to Brighton, but I haven't stayed in the Shoreditch area (in London) before. The location is perfect, not far from the underground and with many bars and cafes around. A quick 10 minute walk and you're in Brick Lane, or on the opposite direction you have the Old Spitafields market - both great spots to check out. 

Our room was on the 10th floor so despite the noisiness of London, at night, when it was bed time, we were not bothered by any sound, which is awesome. The room was quite spacious but felt cosy at the same. A special mention goes to the biggest and comfiest pillows ever, I wanted to steal one! We also found cookies and just a nice variety of teas and other hot drinks to choose from. Of course we destroyed all the snacks and it felt good - a full tummy is a happy tummy.

The Event

Ibis lates tour is made to promote and show the best Roundhouse resident artists. They perform in Ibis hotels across the UK and they are selected because they are seen as the next big thing, so it's quite inspiring and fun to discover such talent before they potentially make it big in the music industry and become the next Ed Sheeran or Katy Perry. I personally enjoyed the atmosphere, the people, the music and how chilled and enjoyable was the event. There were different genres through out the night to accommodate a wide variety of music tastes but honestly, even though I tend to listen to heavy metal and rock, I still had an amazing time. We particularly loved Jay Johnson and Soma, but overall each and every band/artist was just great. It's definitely a different way to spend your standard Thursday night and I'll be keeping my eye on these artists to see how far they go with their careers. 

This post was in collaboration with Ibis Lates and the Roundhouse. Massive thank you to the team who made me experience this and I hope you guys enjoyed my snapchat story from the night! 


  1. What a great location! Very close to both brick land and the old spitafields market!! Looks like the event was great too lovely photos!

    1. Thanks Francesca :) and yeah the event was bomb xx

  2. I love the part of London and have stayed in another chain hotel around there. Not sure I've ever stayed at an Ibis Hotel before but I will definitely check them out, love your pics.

    1. thanks Jenny! And yeah that part of the city is just fantastic x

  3. what a lovely events ! I actually really like Ibis I went to so many of them through the year and they always very clean etc.
    love the pictures too :)

  4. sounds like a cool event, I've never stayed in an Ibis hotel!

    1. It was amazing :) And oooh you should! They're not even that pricey x

  5. I've never stayed in an Ibis hotel before, I like the monochrome look.


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