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Trend Talk - The Pleated Skirt

Yes, I am wearing a skirt. I don't think this sort of look has ever been seen before on my blog since I live in my black skinny jeans. 
Am I going mad? No, I'm actually obsessed with pleated skirts at the moment. There, I said it. The end of the world is near. To top that, I even made a Pinterest board dedicated to them because I just can't seem to get enough. I think the first time I even considered wearing a skirt was because of the Olsen sisters who are my 'style idols' and in the past year I have also been admiring Maja Wyh and her vibes. She has quickly become one of my all time favourite influencers so definitely check her out. 

What's all the love about? Well, it's the fact that you're incorporating what is seen as a feminine item to your look, whilst adding a worn-in or relaxed piece (with an oversized jumper for example) making the whole outfit 'cool' and effortless. Also let's be real, long pleated skirts on their own look like something your 80 year old granny would wear at a party, but sometimes the 'ugly' factor is exactly what is needed to refresh your style. Let's not forget that the Gucci fur slip-ons are widely seen as hideous but to me they're beautiful - and right now every blogger and her cousin wants a pair. Both of these trends are considered 'man repelling' but do we care? Nope. 
Pleated skirts are taking over the high street and I definitely recommend checking out more affordable brands like Honeyz as you don't need to splash out on a more expensive brand since it's a trendy item, which means you might not be in love with it in a couple of years. 
I definitely want to get a black one next. 

I'd love to know what you think of this trend and how you'd style it! 

Skirt* - Honeyz
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - DKNY 


  1. I love it! Wish I was brave enough to wear mine! xx

    1. Giiiirl I bet you'd look lovely in it! xxx

  2. I am obsessed with pleated skirts and wear them all the time. I love this one.

  3. I love this look. The skirt looks fab.

  4. I was absolutely obsessed with pleated skirt during summer, especially these midi versions! But come autumn and winter I've kind of forgotten all about them because I had this idea of them being just a summer item. Nevertheless, now that I read your post I'm definitely tempted to style mine in a more winter-y way! xx

    1. Definitely try as they're so versatile :) I'd love to see how you style yours xx

  5. I particuarly like the skirt you're wearing. The colour, the fabric, the length... all of it. I'd def go for a shimmery, satin number. Tx

  6. What a lovely skirt! The colour is amazing. I like how you have styled it!

  7. i love this trend, need to get my hands on one of these!


  8. Loving the skirt so festive!

  9. I absolutely love the skirt and I love how you have styled it x

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