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Trend Talk - Culottes

Things have been a little quiet on the fashion front lately as the weather has been mostly miserable on any day I had available to do a photo shoot. How annoying is that? 

Nevertheless, over the last couple of weeks, I bought and received a few new pieces for my closet that I can't wait to share with you guys. 

First of all, can we all take a step back and realise that I am indeed wearing PINK. Yes, it happened, and for all of you who think 'ah, it's so pale you can't even tell', well this is a big step for someone known for wearing exclusively black, grey and white. Just saying! 

This jumper is linked below and it's currently on the sale section in H&M - which I highly recommend you check out as there are quite a few bargains. Softest material, nice drop on the body and so comfortable! I love the ribbing detail and the colour is perfect if you want to dip your toes in the spring spirit but you're a creature of the dark. 

Now, onto the culottes. They became a trend a couple of years ago and since then they haven't left us. Back in the day I wasn't into it, to be honest, but with the right cut and fit they can actually look pretty damn great. My pair is from a brand I have featured on here before, Closet London, and this piece in particular is from their Blanc Canvas line. 

The quality of their pieces is excellent and the prices are always on point so you're never breaking the bank. I love their line as it's full of classics that you need but not necessarily pieces that everyone owns as you're not shopping in the standard high street retailers. 

Culottes as an item on its own are worth having if they fit your style and you feel comfortable wearing them. Try a few different models and materials as the cut makes a huge difference. I prefer to go with flowy and light materials that give an effortless vibe with a sprinkle of chic when styled with knits or shirts. You will also find models that flare out a lot more than others and it's up to you to see if you like them. Personally I'm a fan, especially if you're wearing a tailored top or a slouchy but not too oversized jumper. 

Last but certainly not least is my trusty sock boots from Topshop, that I've also been wearing on nights out. They're so comfortable despite the heel height and they go with dresses, trousers and any outfit from day to night. 

Let me know if you love culottes and how you'd style them! I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Jumper - H&M (on sale now!)
Culottes* - Closet London
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - DKNY 


  1. A complete on trend outfit :) So much pink coming through for spring summer and I'm delighted. I'm on the search for a pair of Culottes at the minute so its great seeing how you have styled them here.

  2. Love this look! And girl I know what you mean with the pink, anything that is not black, grey, white, navy or camel is a BIG deal haha :D I'm definitely starting to fall for the culotte-trend (late as always), and I'm definitely going to introduce a pair to my closet this season xx

  3. It's a lovely warm pink you're wearing and I LOVE culottes- I used to wear them at school instead of a skirt at the risk of being told off for not wearing the correct uniform!

  4. Your style looks very chic! I haven't worn culottes yet but I will definitely hunt down a pair. xx Simone from Zurich

  5. I can't remember the last time I wore culottes, I usually ignore them as my Mum used to go on about them so much, haha! The pink jumper looks gorgeous, I will have to check out that sale before it ends! :)

  6. What a great outfit - I adore the pink jumper and the culottes look amazing. Kaz x

  7. Culottes are simply so comfortable aren't they - and these are lovely!

  8. Oh I adore this outfit it is stunning, the culottes work so well with the jumper x

  9. This outfit really suits you. I love the jumper! Want :) x

  10. Loving this outfit, I think I'm too short for culottes but you've style it so well and love the boots

  11. What a fabulous outfit I love the Pink jumper and looks good on you

  12. I love these culottes, they look really good on you! I also love the way you styled them x

  13. I have to admit I have not found a pair of culottes that I liked for myself but I do them on other people. I like the work-wear casual vibe that you have created and the drawstring/paperboy waist x

  14. love the pink jumper! so cute, and the colour really suits you :)

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