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Why 'Florals for Spring' Will Never Go Out of Style

Yeah, I know. Florals.. for Spring? Groundbreaking (not) but we still love them. 
Today, I'm here to rave about something I have never raved about before; Floral maxi dresses. Who would have thought this day would eventually come? Me, the all-black-head-to-toe lover, giving in to the spring vibes and rocking something that is't monochrome and you know.. boring. 

I honestly don't think you'll find me wearing anything remotely similar to this in any past posts here on my blog. Why? because frankly, I've not always been a fan of florals and up until last year or so, I wasn't a fan of dresses either. Something clicked in my head and I've finally come to appreciate and love the beauty of floral patterns. Some of my friends said I finally passed the final test, I'm a grown up woman. (lol) 

Do florals make me look girly? Yes. But can anyone pull them off and create their own spin on them? Absolutely. You can be classic, chic, edgy, feminine, flirty, bold or a mix of all of them, and you're guaranteed to find a way to style a floral item. They're just so easy to wear. Right on cue, they're back on my Insta feed, on the magazines, on all the online retailers and everywhere around us. There's no escape. Even if you're trying so hard to ignore it, you can't. 

I honestly believe that no matter the year and the age, there's something quite stable and timeless when it comes to this trend. Why? Because despite being loud and making a statement, it's also become a classic. It could be 2008, 2018 or 2058, and you'll know damn well that you will see florals somewhere when the right season is around. It's second nature. It's like wearing a jacket or a coat when the weather gets chilly. 

You can risk it and wear contrasting florals to avoid a double-denim style situation. You can choose to use flowers to accessorise your outfit; please don't tell me I'm the only one who wore flower crowns religiously? You can go bold and clash with stripes - it works surpisingly well! Or you can match it with neutrals or leather to tame it and possibly toughen up the look - the options are endless. 

So many trends will come and go through the years but one I'm happy to see regulary and observe its evolution is definitely this one. Now, I'm off to shop for some more floral pieces. Be right back! 

This was a collaborative post*


  1. You've managed to make the dress look less frilly girlie with the jacket and boots which is exactly what I'd do with this look x

  2. love how you've styled this. But that is why I love florals, they're really versatile and can be dressed up or casual :)

  3. You look amazing in this outfit Kristina! Love the girly florals with the edgy jacket and boots, you can never go wrong with contrasts!! xx

  4. That is so pretty and I would never have thought to put with a leather jacket and docs, I love it!

  5. I am loving this look! This is totally something I could see myself wearing!

  6. The floral dress sure does look good. I like the look, not dressy with an edgy look twist. Like the leather jacket and the bag.

  7. I deffo just read that first line in her voice, ha!
    This is exactly how I want to wear florals this year, after all, you can't escape them can you? I do love the way a leather jacket gives them an edge.

  8. You look amazing, florals are so stunning and being so much character to an outfit.

  9. We love how you’ve grunged this up with DMs and a biker jacket. Very cool and not mumsy at all x

  10. Well done for trying something new and showing that florals don't have to be girly either. Love the jacket with the floral dress.

  11. You look so grungy and cool I love your styling

  12. Angela Ricardo Bethea5 April 2018 at 15:51

    Wow!! I really adore your floral dress and its really perfect for summer outfits. and your boots are so stylish. I love it.

  13. Loving the outfit. I do love florals they look great especially in the Spring and Summer. The dress looks great with the jacket x

  14. leather and floral always go well together
    and this outfit looks good on you!

    ❤ Ms. Kei

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