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Boyfriend Style Challenge with QUIZ Clothing

Ah, who doesn't enjoy a good ol' challenge?!
Whenever I see a 'boyfriend does....' title on a video or blog post, I will most certainly stop anything else I may be distracted by to watch/read about it and see the results. 


Because you never bloody know what to expect. 

Will he fail miserably?
Will he pick something too big or small? 
Will he get something tacky? Or boring? 

We're usually quite quick at assuming men will suck at any sort of fashion challenge but actually I have found that more often than not, they will have a good grasp of what their partners like and what sort of 'style' they go for. 

Me? I don't even know how I'd describe my style, to be honest with you. 
90's kid with a fresh prince of Bel Air look but a rock n roll soul? Maybe that should be my new Instagram bio. 
I like a little bit of everything. 

Of course, when Quiz Clothing challenged Ed to pick four items for me to style/feature on here, I was keen to see what he'd go for. 

I have shopped on Quiz before and most recently spent a fair bit on their going out dresses, they're gorgeous, so I knew the sort of clothes I'd be eyeing up on there. Ed, on the other hand, never heard of them before so seeing him scroll through the site with that focused face trying to really nail the challenge was funny. 

He knew his picks would be on here, and whilst I ain't a Blonde Salad when it comes to blog traffic, there's still some sort of pressure knowing a couple thousand people would probably read this blog or at least scroll through to see what's going on. 

So... what has he picked? 

 Look 1 - Above: The Leopard Print shirt dress: I've been cheeky and I featured this pic on my Instagram already as I was too excited not to share it. I am IN LOVE with this dress. You can wear it as a shirt with skinny black jeans or leather jeggings but I decided to team it up with leather boots and the look was on fire. A definite yes from me, especially for a dinner date. 

Look 2 - The Polka Dot Jumpsuit: Who doesn't love a jumpsuit? They're so cute, easy to style, always make you look put together and I honestly can't think of one bad thing about them.
Maybe the fact that you have to get naked when you go to the bathroom? But other than that, they're a wardrobe essential. 
He was a little uncertain about this one but my inner Simon Cowell approved. IT'S-A YES FROM ME. 

Look 3 - The Statement Shirt: This look made a sneaky little appearance too on the gram a couple of weeks ago before the post was published and my oh my, it got loads of love! I am obsessed with culottes and I love the dalmatian print. In fact, I always said if I could dress like a villain, I would be Cruella De Vil of course (but I would rock faux fur instead..) 
This shirt is a statement piece for sure, however, it's easy to incorporate into your day to day look making it a multi-purpose piece that you can rock in the office and out! 

Look 4 - The Satin Bodysuit: Last but not least, the most 'out there' piece for me. I love bodysuits as they're easy to wear, they accentuate your body shape, you don't have to spend any time tucking in anything and they look chic. I did gasp a little at how low cut this was (I definitely recommend tape to keep your bits in place) but I surprisingly dig this! I do admit it wouldn't be something I'd pick myself at first glance if I got given a voucher, but now that I have it, I do look forward to wearing it on my next night out. 

So.. well done Ed for refreshing my wardrobe! 
Watch him become my personal stylist... 

So.. what's your favourite piece? I'd love to know! 


  1. Beautiful picks!!! Love the first dress :)


  2. I'm in love with the polka dot jumpsuit! It looks so cheeky and interesting :)
    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

  3. Look 2 is my absolute fave but look 3 is definitely something I'd wear in the office!

  4. OO beautiful! I love the touches of leopard print, which are so 'on trend' at the moment :)

  5. I love the statement shirt. Great styling - yes Ed gets the job

  6. I love everything in this post but especially that shirt, you look great!

  7. These look great. I like the polka dots best

  8. I love all these - especially the first two. You suit them all. Kaz

  9. Oh wow Ed has done a fab job with all 4 looks. I really love the leopard shirt dress, I'll have to get that for myself!

  10. These looks are all so elegant and classy

  11. I like your style. Black is indeed classy!

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