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Tips to Keep You Looking Good When Feeling Under the Weather (AD)

Nobody is perfect.
While it might sound a little clichéed, it’s worth reminding ourselves that the impossible image of perfection we’re trying to reach doesn’t exist. 

Nevertheless, it’s not going to stop you from trying – and rightly so! Perfection is a subjective vision of the world, and, when it comes to beauty, it defines what you find appealing and attractive. Your tastes are a mixture of cultural background – did you know, for instance, that the definition of beauty varies dramatically if you compare the Japanese and the European cultures? –, personal preferences, and social expectations. As a result, what makes a beautiful woman to you may be completely different from what your neighbour thinks of beauty. 

But, our social expectations tend to be the same. Shut your eyes and imagine a beautiful face. Is the image you conjure in your mind the one of a youthful person with a clean complexion and a confident smile? Blame it on media propaganda: We all share similar basic criteria of beauty, namely a healthy appearance. Unfortunately, your body goes through a lot of pressures daily, which can affect your look. This article is no promise on how to make you beautiful – because you already are in your own way –, but here are some helpful tips to keep your good look when you’re feeling under the weather.

Tackling the problem skin
Whether you’ve had an unhealthy meal or you’re just stressed out, your skin is the mirror of your health. It reflects how you are, and how you feel. As a result, it’s not uncommon to struggle with a dull completion or an unexpected outbreak when you’re going through a lot. Whenever I'm stressed, for example, I tend to get pimples on my chin. 

It’s crucial to find a foundation you can rely on during your dark days. 
What makes a good foundation? Every skin has a product that works just right to cover the specific problem zone but as a rule of the thumb, you want extreme lasting power – at the end of the day, you want to still see the foundation on your face –, weightless cover and concealing, and a natural glowing result.

A chipped tooth
Sh*t happens. Whether you fell or you accidentally bite into a hard stone, a chipped tooth can ruin your smile and kill your confidence. My friend slipped by the pool a few years ago and fell face-first on the ground resulting in a chipped tooth. It was a nightmare at first but she's taught me to never panic! More often than not, a good dentist can help you with tooth repair. It can take time to get an appointment and fix the issue though, so, if you’re feeling insecure in the meantime, you can cover the chip with a veneer solution – Instasmile is an excellent address for quick and affordable smiles! Similarly, stained teeth and even a missing tooth can be covered with a veneer add-on. That's what she had as a cover-up before the eventual appointment where everything was restored to normality.

The nasty cold sore that ruins your smile
Finally, with 70% of the population carrying the virus which causes cold sores, it’s almost impossible to avoid these nasty blisters! But don’t let them affect your look. You can cover cold sores effectively and safely in no time. Be sure, however, not to touch the area with your fingers.

In conclusion, maintaining your healthy appearance definitely helps you to feel more confident about your beauty. Thankfully, these quick hacks can support you in times of need!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Lisa :) Thanks for always stopping by and commenting!

  2. I hate unexpected outbreaks especially when I need to go somewhere and something unwanted pops out!

  3. Ooh I so need these tips! I have felt so poorly this last few months and it really shows in my appearance which is never a good thing!

  4. I hate feeling under the weather, for me it always shows up as spots on my face. Mich x

  5. I have a chipped tooth thanks to my daughter head butting me and chipped it! It’s great to know that using instasmile is a quick way of help without breaking the purse stringing

  6. There are some great tips here, especially the ones on looking great even though you are under the weather. I am reading up on this.

  7. I'm still waiting to find my perfect foundation! It definitely shows on my face when I'm feeling run down.

  8. These are great tips, I always look after my skincare first when I am feeling down.


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