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Brand Focus: Annabelle Minerals

I've been craving to discover some new makeup brands recently, as I have played it safe this year  and simply went back to my holy-grail products. We all do that, don't we? Experiment, try new things, then go back to what we trust the most. Lately, more than ever before, I have challenged myself to at least stick to cruelty-free and natural brands, so discovering Annabelle Minerals was almost like..a sign. 

The Brand 
Who are they? What is this company all about? 
Well, they're all about nature and natural beauty. Their mission is to make sure that every woman believes in the beauty that she has inside, which to be fair, in a world that profits so much from self-doubt, makes me want to like them even more. 

I found out that they use 4 mineral ingredients ( mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), they're vegan and they're made in Poland. All of their products have a delicate formula which is suitable for all skin types and the ingredients used actually have care properties which is a fantastic bonus. 

The Foundations
They have three types of formulas and each one of them targets a specific skin type. Matte is for individuals like me with oily skin and spots (struggles are real). This formula helps regulate the secretion of sebum and contains antibacterial properties that help overall with the well-being of your skin. It also contains sun protection of level 15 (so, still wear your usual sunscreen underneath) and the coverage is medium to high. 
The thing I like about it is how natural and lightweight it feels. It covers the redness and the un-even skin tone however you can still see my skin underneath. 
I found the oiliness easy to manage as my skin actually gets less greasy now, so I only require one touch-up if I decide to head out somewhere for drinks straight after work. 

The coverage formula is, as the name describes it, high coverage and created for people with dry skin. The finish is satin and the sun protection level is 30. Finally, the radiant formula, provides coverage from small to medium and gives a lovely glow that makes your skin look fresh and healthy. 
I wouldn't mind having all three of these in my collection so I can swap and choose another one depending on the time of year and the look I'm going for. 

In the past I have been put off by mineral foundations because they're messy however I found this one a breeze to work with and their foundation brush is a must-have as it applies the product evenly on your skin in two minutes. 

The Concealer 
Now, I had no idea how good a mineral concealer would have been. I was reluctant at first to leave my trusty liquid one on the side and give this one a fair trial but now that I have I am very happy about it. I found out that thanks to the titanium dioxide, the coverage is extra effective and the zinc dioxide helps decrease any inflammatory conditions. 

The Blush 
This was the product I was a little worried to use as I didn't want to end up with clown cheeks if I lost control and applied too much, however the intensity is easy to regulate and if you go step by step you will avoid piling it on excessively. 
There's also a decent colour selection to satisfy most people's preference in terms of tones and finishes. Personally, I suggest the shade Sunrise as it suits most skin tones and it's a great every-day option. 

The Highlighter 
Probably the most exciting product I was eager to try; the combination of minerals with vitamin E, blackcurrant seed oil and sunflower seed oil helps to regenerate the skin, as well as tightening it and making it overall more elastic. 
The shade I got is Diamond Glow which is a cool, beige colour, and it adds a natural golden glow. I think it's perfect for spring and summer to brighten up your complexion even more and I cannot wait to use every day these coming months. 

I'd love to know if you've heard of this brand before and if you have tried mineral makeup previously. 


  1. I’ve never used a mineral concealer - I tend to stick with liquid ones. Good to hear it worked well - May take a look at the mineral versions.

  2. Oh this sounds perfect to me!

    x Lisa |

  3. Thank you for using cruelty free make-ups....I don't understand how anyone could use products that borne of animal cruelty. I also pinned this post as well.

  4. I bought a mineral powder recently; I haven't started using it yet but it looks really good. I'm feeling hopeful :)

  5. Mellissa Williams10 May 2019 at 13:16

    I've only tried mineral makeup a couple of times. I hadn't heard of this brand before, they sound great.

  6. I have heard of this brand before but not used any of their range yet, I will look out for them when stocking up next x

  7. Not heard of this brand before but does look great

  8. Nope, Annabelle Minerals are new to me. I've never used any loose powder products before to be honest. Mich x

  9. Sounds like a great brand, not one I am familiar with but one I would like to give a try.

  10. I’ve not heard of Annabelle minerals before but I do love the sound of the coverage of their dry skin foundation. I like the lighter look and I think this would give that nice glow to my skin without appearing heavy.

  11. I agree, it's really good, and would recommend, especially to anyone with any skin sensitivities or problems due to there being only to only 4,decent ingredients in the foundation - I've gone as far as swapping from BM, as it (AB) has one less ingredient, and you get 2g more for about £7 cheaper on their big pot.
    The only thing I'd say is, *do* try the tester pots before committing to a shade, as it can be hard to gauge colours properly online.
    Overall, it's a fab foundation that rivals their main competitors', and I can't wait to try the highlighter either!

  12. Great post - these products sound really nice! I currently use a loose powder foundation, so I should check these out once mine runs out. :)
    -Jenna ♥
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  13. I came across an article on line about brand naming firms and ironically, most did not actually have good names! One that I did like a lot was “Eat My Words”. It’s a unique business name, which is exactly what they’re trying to sell! I love it, if I ever decide to get up off the screen and start a business I would consult with them


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