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Last Minute Gift Guide 2019

Two-thousand and Nineteen is creeping up to its end (finally! It's been quite  year...) and whilst some of us bought presents in a timely manner and most likely got them all wrapped and ready under the tree, others were a little less organised (or shall I say, caught up with day to day life) to realise suddenly that Christmas is DAYS away. Eeek. 

This little gift guide is for you lot, the busy kind who may be a little stuck and in need of a little inspo to get you through that last minute rush-hour Christmas eve shopping with a basket full of presents in one hand and an inhaler in the other. Deep breaths my friends, not all hope is gone. 

As always, I have based these on my group of friends so these won't necessarily apply to you depending on age/taste/interests - but it's just a good base to get you started. 

What to get for the...person who has everything
I always find these people the most challenging to shop for. If you know them well enough and you've been around their flat or house, I tend to aim for anything home related. This could be home accessories from amy of the high-street stores (I tend to shop from places like Urban Outfitters mostly as their selection is always quirky and fun). Some of my favourite picks would be the neon sign, wall art or a sweet vinyl record player all accommodating different budgets. Alternatively, alcohol is always a great option; gin seems to be my friends' favourite spirit of choice so whether it's a limited edition bottle or a mini kit, don't ever doubt the power of good booze over the holidays! 

What to get for...the traveler/adventurer
These are my favourite people to buy for (mainly as it feels like shopping for myself). A good passport holder , a fun scratch-off poster , perhaps a great experience day / voucher to redeem for a local tour and my personal favourite option - a portacent which enables them to travel comfortably anywhere around the world carrying their favourite perfume with no issues at customs. I can't tell you how many times this has come in handy on my travels in the recent months. 

What to get for...the man in your life
Men are notoriously hard to shop for, and as much as I enjoy buying gifts for my boyfriend, I feel like after a couple of years you definitely run the risk or repeating yourself., however that's not necessarily a bad idea if what you get is enjoyed and used through the upcoming months/years.  
I tend to get items I know will come useful - socks, shirts, jackets, shoes, watches, perfumes and when the timing is right - tickets for an artist they really enjoy. Men, unlike us ladies, tend to shop less for themselves and I find with age they stop treating themselves to nice things so sometimes you've got to be their little personal shopper. 

What to get for...the homebody
Just like the people who have everything, homebodies love that something that will add a little oomph to their living space, as that's their sacred sanctuary. I find candles to usually be the best pick. Now, when I say candles, I mean a particular type - Pyro Pet candles! You may have spotted them featured on my Instagram since October - these candles are amazing and stand out from the rest in many ways. You light them up, leave them to burn and they slowly reveal the skeleton inside. Mine is a cat, but they come in a variety of animals and colours, to suit anyone's taste. They're so different from the rest that I guarantee they'll talk about this present to everyone. 
Alternatively, if they have a bath, you can't go wrong with a bathbomb set that will help them relax and unwind during the cold winter months, or a funny mug from perhaps their favourite tv show (spy my Rick & Morty one in the photos). 

What to get for the... person you're totally stuck with
Last but not least, whether that's a co-worker, the neighbours, the teacher, the friend you see once a year; we all have people we really don't know - perhaps - well enough to gift something very personal and to their taste. In that case, I honestly think getting the classics such as tea, coffee, chocolates, a disposable camera or stationery are always a win-win. 
I'd love to know when you've all finished your Christmas shopping this season and while you're here..I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas (and send a massive thank you for still popping over and reading my little blog!)


  1. Great ideas and I have to say I have a slight panic of do I have enough YIKES!!!! Merry Christmas to you! xxx

  2. These are wonderful ideas; I wonder if any of them will be in the Boxing Day sales - I often like to buy ahead for next year!

  3. Some great ideas here. We bought some scratch off maps and they went down really well

  4. Great suggestions here! I gifted my mum one of the Pyro Pet candles this Christmas and she absolutely loves it! I love that you have something left over even once the candle has been burnt right down too! x

  5. I love these last minute gift ideas . I could of definitely used them! I love the pyro pet candle . So unique!

  6. Some interesting gift ideas here especially the wall lights and neon lights which I find is interesting and fun and every home should have a room with funky lights

  7. Fab ideas. It can be so hard to find gifts for people these days!


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