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AD - Timeless Mothers Day Gifts 2020

Mothers Day is here and most of us are cooped up at home avoiding the virus - and therefore avoiding people. One of the many negatives is that we won't get to spend any quality time with our mums due to various circumstances, however, Mothers Day doesn't have to be just once a year. With that in mind, if you don't get the chance to see your mum tomorrow, there will be plenty of days when all of this blows over to catch up and make up for the time lost. this gives you extra time to shop for any last minute presents!

Whilst I usually say that experiences are better than materialistic gifts, sometimes I think having a nice object you can unwrap and cherish is amazing. There's almost a thrill when you don't know what you've received and equally seeing someone open a present you've got them.

I decided to look into timeless pieces we can gift our mums which will stay in their closets or lounges for a very long time - and what better place to look for bargains than TK Maxx?

When looking at clothing items you can gift, I suggest opting for what they will wear often. You know your mum best, so perhaps make a list of what she likes to wear, add brands she likes or items she may have mentioned she needs. 

Are they into lounge wear? Do they walk a lot and need new boots? Are they into smart wear? Are they about to start running to get fit for summer? 

In my case, a nice striped blazer fit perfectly as I know she can wear this out in spring for a coffee, lunch, or shopping, or even at work. 
Blazers are such a staple piece in anyone's closet, especially my mum's, so I am confident she will love styling this and wearing it for years to come. I had a quick peek at her closet and whilst she owns a few already, there was no design similar to the above - win!

Equally as timeless, the good old denim shirt
Now, this is a marmite piece for many however I truly believe denim shirts are always going to be on rotation. I think the love for double denim was passed onto me from my mum in the first place so I know I can't go wrong with it - and this particular wash is perfect as it's not too light or too dark. 

Jewellery is always a great option and trust me, it doesn't have to be expensive to be good quality. One of the many reasons I shop on TK Maxx is because you can get unique designs at a fraction of the price, from massive brands as well as companies you may have not heard from before. This is great as instead of getting the same accessory everyone else has on the high-street, you may be bagging an item that will be unique. 

When I shop for jewellery for any important female in my life, I think of them, their style, their aura, what they like to wear and what will suit their lifestyle in general. 

For my mum this year, I picked a gorgeous simple necklace which is sterling silver (therefore will not tarnish). The design is dainty and easy to style with other pieces as well as leave on its own. It had to be silver as she's not much into gold however as it isn't chunky, she can definitely get away wearing this with different toned pieces. 

Home Accessories 
This may be an unusual pick however there are some truly unique home accessories you can gift, from gorgeous lamps, soft cushions, warm throws to quirky frames. I loved the look of a leopard print frame to fill with a fun memory from one of our past sunny vacations. 

My mum is very much into patterns however, as mentioned above, it's all about knowing the sort of style they like. I find Tk Maxx caters for everyone - any style, any size and any taste, which is what makes it so fun and a great destination to shop for anyone at any age. 

Lastly, I prefer purchasing online these days - avoiding queues and having the luxury to stay in my pjs while snacking. It's also easy to narrow down exactly what you like to have a look at and seeing all the available options right in front of you. 

What do you like getting your mum for Mothers Day? 

Do let me know in the comments - I'll be home-bound replying to everyone - and stay safe! 


  1. There's so many wonderful ideas here, I've never thought about a denim shirt before but it's definitely a timeless piece!

    Jodie |

  2. Lots of great ideas for gift ideas for Mums. It was so hard not to see her yesterday but I have promised my Mum an afternoon tea once everything returns to normal.

  3. Jewellery is always a good shout for my mum as she loves jewellery and you're so right that TKMAXX do great stuff x

  4. Some lovely ideas here. I had a whole host of homemade gifts which was wonderful and will be treasured

  5. Some really lovely ideas you have here . We had a lovely day and was spoilt . Definitely agree with TKMAXX, it’s my absolute fav shop!

  6. Some many lovely ideas for Mother's Day. I love TK Maxx and the variety of items you can find there.


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